Driven by passion for creative and business.

Ralph Dunning cares deeply about what he does and who he does it with. 

His entrepreneurial career began in 1993 in the technical world of cycling, running and triathlon where he developed products and brand strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands in those sports including Saucony, Reebok and Cervelo Cycles. It was during this same year he launched his first company, Rip N Hammer, building it into one of the world’s most respected multi-sport performance brands. 

In 2001, he took his design and branding experience to revolutionize the golf industry with the founding of Dunning Golf, the very first company to offer a complete range of player specific apparel manufactured exclusively of technical performance fabrics.  In 2007, Zach Johnson’s Masters win introduced the Dunning brand to a worldwide audience, forever changing the way apparel is worn in the game of golf. As a result, Ralph built Dunning Golf from the basement of his house into one of the world’s top selling golf brands available at the finest private clubs including Pebble Beach, Pine Valley, Augusta National, Baltusrol, Winged Foot, Bandon Dunes and Pinehurst. 

Ralph sold the majority of his golf company in 2011 to Greg Norman Collection to focus on developing two new business concepts:

He predicted a future in the consumer space around transparency and sustainability and began to build the Foreign Rider Company. Following a strict code of ethical business practices, Foreign Rider locally manufactures products designed for post-ride comfort and daily performance. 

He also founded The Brand Unification Co. and began working with number of executives and business owners to help them prepare for the future of consumer behaviour. 

He built a set of guiding principles based on his own business and entrepreneurial experience while conducting an extensive case study to identify what drove the world’s best companies and brands to lead their respective industries. 

Ralph knew from 3 decades of his own experience that building a brand is not easy. He understood that it is very difficult to unify product, design, culture, strategy, marketing and messaging. Then you have to further unify all these elements with operations, finance, logistics, shipping and production. All of these areas need to come together in a unified manner to do one thing - execute a sales strategy to drive growth and profitability. 

Today, we have more competition than ever and its only going to continue in that direction in a deeply rooted digital world. 

There are so many moving parts and most people are so busy managing their daily responsibilities that they end up doing the best they can just to get their work done. They are operating most days without a common purpose or clearly defined culture. 

Ralph believes the business world has now evolved to the point where creative and business strategy needs to exist as one in a completely unified company and culture. 

This process of purpose and culture drives growth and profitability. 

Ralph built a framework for business growth based on his research, experience and guiding principles.

This framework is called Brand Unification™.